Annuities: Ten Common Uses

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The following is a list of those that more than likely would benefit most from an annuity:

  1. Boomer Couples with 401(k) or 403(b) accounts – a qualified annuity could be the answer to their worries, allowing them to space out their tax liabilities, and add certain guarantees;

  3. Women – they live longer and therefore sometimes are great candidates for guaranteed lifetime income;

  5. The middle class and affluent – taxes are the bain of both groups and with rising tax rates on the way (without or without compromise in Washington), the annuity offers another way to defer such taxation;

  7. Retirees who don’t have a defined benefit plan – the disappearance of such plans fuel the demand for income annuities to stabilize cash flows in retirement;

  9. People with good family genes – if you plan to live longer or have a family history of living longer than the mortality tables, longevity is your issue and why not offload that risk on the insurer;

  11. Market bears and pessimists –guaranteed minimum value annuities can help with such fears; diversification of investment strategies and assets can complete the plan.

  13. The middle aged – these individuals have enough time for compounding, but are less impacted by the 59 ½ minimum age for withdrawal without federal penalty than younger adults;

  15. People who want to turn a tax bite into bite-sized pieces – annuities turn a payout into an income stream that is partially or fully taxable over many years;

  17. Those seeking less-expensive long-term care insurance – new riders allow you to combine the annuity and long-term care insurance…it’s worth exploring since long-term care on an outright basis is now extremely difficult to obtain.

  19. People without beneficiaries – shifting the risk of longevity to the insurance company may make sense and income annuities allow you to essentially “die broke.”

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