InTrust Advisors Announces New Purpose Driven Wealth Process

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Managing Director, Jeff Diercks, announced today that InTrust Advisors would implement a new Purpose Driven Wealth Process for existing clients.

According to Mr. Diercks, “over the past few years, the volatility of the stock market has illustrated the importance of a more comprehensive approach to managing wealth. We began this evolution last year with our 5-step Wealth Planning Process for all new clients. Our strong desire to continue to improve our services for existing clients prompted us to re-evaluate and enhance our ongoing business processes to better serve our client needs in the years to come.”

Purpose Driven Wealth Process

With that in mind, InTrust Advisors introduced a new Purpose Driven Process focused on the four quarters of the year. For each quarter, InTrust Advisors will address one of the following themes with its clients:

  • Asset Management – a review of client wealth objectives and re-evaluation of investment allocations and strategies relative to the client’s goals.
  • Liability Management – a review of client liabilities and available options to consolidate and reduce debt.
  • Wealth Protection – an evaluation of the steps clients are taking to protect their estate from unforeseen events.
  • Legacy Planning – a review of strategies designed to assist them in the transfer of wealth, family philanthropy and/or stewardship.

According to Mr. Diercks, “we intend to send clients a brief letter each quarter with three questions to ponder in anticipation of a regular client conversation. These questions are to stimulate a client’s thinking and help us work together to continue to move them towards their financial goals.”

Mr. Diercks went on to say “this process should help prevent procrastination, create a disciplined approach to investing and it will allow our clients to rest easier knowing every aspect of your financial life should be covered and addressed.”

For more information on InTrust Advisors or our process, please visit our website at or call us at 813-253-2388.

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